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Fresh Roasted Beans

Nothing beats fresh roasted coffee in the morning!! Here at Fresh Bean Roasting Co. we take great pride in only offering the best beans to our customers and roasted when you place your order. We offer a wonderful variety -

House Blend - blend of Columbia, Brazilian, and Rwanda beans - one smooth cup of coffee
100% Columbia - Medium Roast - bold with a bright finish
Dutch Breakfast Blend - blend of  Colombia and Guatemala beans - great way to awaken your senses in the morning
Jump Starter - blend of  Colombia and Sumatra beans - when you need a jump start to your day
Espresso "Italian Roast" - this is a unique and intense blend that is perfect for espresso lovers and coffee connoisseurs
French Roast - perfect for those who appreciate a BOLD, smoky taste of butterscotch, and dark chocolate - smooth and pleasant aftertaste

Also offering Decaffeinated in our House Blend & Dutch Breakfast Blend Coffee's

We also offer Flavored Coffee Beans
White Heather - rich butterscotch and toffee 
Mackinac Island Fudge - taste of fudge captured with creamy chocolate and caramel
Jamacian Me Crazy - Caramel, vanilla and coffee liqueur. You'd be crazy not to try it!!
Hazelnut Creme - light notes of vanilla that perfectly complements the nuttiness of hazelnuts
Blueberry Crumble - Blueberries, buttery crumb cake, and finished with a browned butter and cinnamon strueusel
Michigan Maple - warm spices combined with maple syrup, brown sugar, and vanilla
Traverse City Cherry -  intense cherry aroma and flavor, this coffee is perfect for any fruity coffee lover
Coconut - brings you back to the beach with it's wonderful coconut flavor
French Toast - 
creamy vanilla and cinnamon with subtle hints of warm maple syrup and a buttery aroma.
Snicker-Doodle -  
features a rich chocolate flavor along with a hearty, nutty, buttery flavor of roasted hazelnuts and cinnamon.
Death by Chocolate -
flavors of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and then even more chocolate is added

We are also featured at
Jerry's Market in Tecumseh, Michigan
Located at:
109 Herrick Park Dr. Tecumseh, MI 49286
Hours: Monday thru Saturday 8am - 8pm

Sunday 8am - 8pm

Come check us out there!!!!!

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